Behind The Scenes

Ellements Magazine Editorial Photoshoot (Behind The Scenes)

Ellements Magazine October 2015 Issue 1 Editorial

Theme (Man & Woman)

Thank You to my awesome team!

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Title: "Forbidden Love"

TEAM CREDITS (Instagrams handles):

Photographer: Lady E Photography (

Stylist & Art Director: Kathleen Ross (@kathro)

Models: Macy Mariano, Otto Models & @Mararkus Schulz (@MacyMariano & @Austrian85)

Hair Stylist: Jacqueline Robertson (@jrobbing)

Makeup Artist: Claudia Talavera(@claudis0683)

Photo Assistant: Tahire Whyte (@tahirew)

Feature Designer’s Instagrams handles: FabriceTardieu: @Fabrice Tardieu Di Modolo Milano: @Di_Modolo Nathalie Kriado: @Kriado Apatico: @Apatico K8 Swimwear: @K8Swimwear


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